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Does Washing Clothes Eliminate Germs & Bacteria?

Germs and bacteria are all around us, and they can make us sick. Pro Disinfection Services has the best solutions for keeping your home safe from these harmful invaders.

Whether you need to get rid of them in your kitchen or bathroom, Pro Disinfection Services will have a solution that is right for you!

In the meantime, we have enlisted here a guide on killing germs from your clothes so read on below to know more!

Does Washing Clothes Eliminate Germs and Bacteria?

It isn’t a surprise to know how vital our clothes are. We cannot live without them, as they are our shield against all the chemicals and germs that we encounter in a day.

We put on clothes before hitting the office or going to school because it is important for us not just to look professional but also to feel good about ourselves. But does washing our fabric really kill germs? It’s time to find out!

For starters, germs tend to thrive on fabrics and clothes because it is dark, damp and warm. All these make the perfect environment for bacteria to survive.

This may not be a problem if you are wearing an old shirt that has been long abandoned in your wardrobe but will become one when we have worn the same fabric n number of times without washing them thoroughly with water or soap!

When they build upon our clothes, germs can cause infections like pink eye (conjunctivitis) or skin irritation among other things which are more serious than just being uncomfortable for some time.

It’s important to remove as many germs from our clothing so we don’t expose ourselves unnecessarily to harmful agents by touching them frequently throughout the day.

Washing clothes can surely kill bacteria as long as you use a detergent that has plenty of disinfectant properties. That’s why it is highly advised to use this type of detergent for washing clothes.

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Washing our fabric with these types of products will remove any residue left behind by bacteria, which can be harmful when they start to accumulate on fabrics and clothes.

If we have sensitive skin like eczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis (disease), or allergic reactions from harsh chemicals found in some laundry soaps then we should ask a doctor first before putting anything harsh on their delicate skins!

How to Properly Wash Clothes to Remove Bacteria and Germs

To give you a better overview of how to properly wash your clothes, check out the tips below:

Choose The Right Disinfecting Detergent

Bacteria and germs are not the only things that we need to worry about when it comes to washing clothes. There can also be stains, dirt, oil, or makeup left behind on your fabric which will make them unsuitable for wear if you don’t wash it properly.

Remember that there is a variety of detergents available in stores these days but what’s important is choosing one with adequate disinfectant properties so they get rid of all bacteria and germs from your clothing.

You may want to add bleach during this process because its concentrated formula can kill up to 99% of dangerous microbes without affecting dyes or fabrics! But before adding any type of bleach into the mix, always do a spot test first just as an extra precaution.

Allow Your Disinfecting Detergent to Penetrate The Fabrics

Before adding your clothes to the wash, make sure you allow them to soak up the disinfectant properties of your detergent. This will give it a chance to work on those bacteria and germs even before they are washed off.

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The time needed for this depends entirely on how concentrated is the formula because sometimes we may want our fabric cleaner stronger or more gentle depending on what kind of fabrics we have in there.

Just be careful not to leave it too long as soaking can cause dyes from clothing to come loose!

Detergents with bleach should only stay soaked no longer than 15 minutes while those that are less potent can remain in the water for at least twenty-four hours without affecting colors!

Properly Dry Your Clothes to Kill Remaining Germs

Once your clothes are out of the wash, make sure you hang them in a shady area or outside away from direct sunlight. This will dry and kill any remaining bacteria which can exist on fabrics even after we have washed them with water or soap!

If not then they may start to grow again leading to more infections like pink eye (conjunctivitis) which is something that nobody wants!

Sunlight encourages bacterial growth so try drying clothes indoors near windows but avoid exposure to light as much as possible during this process.

Another important thing when drying our clothing is making sure there’s plenty of room between each piece because if too many fabric touches one another, they may develop mold while still wet.

The Keynotes

The answer to this question is that it depends on what you’re washing, the type of detergent/soap and how long your wash cycle is.

We hope we’ve been able to help clear up some confusion around laundry!

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