Home Spaces to Sanitize If Family Is Visiting

Home Spaces to Sanitize If Family Is Visiting

It’s that time of year again, and you’re probably getting ready to host family for the holidays.

One thing that you may not be thinking about is all those surfaces in your home – from countertops, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom sinks to light switches and door handle.

You can always contact a professional disinfection service provider to help you out.

However, if you want to want to do it yourself, here are some quick tips to make sure your home is safe for guests and family members this season:

Disinfect Door Knobs 

Among the things you should never forget disinfecting when you’ve got family members coming over are doorknobs. And believe it or not, you can clean them without much effort:

Just spray some alcohol on a cloth and wipe the knob down with that!

You don’t need to buy any expensive chemicals for this purpose – something as simple as a 50/50 water and vinegar solution should do.

Door knobs are one of the most high-touched things in a home, and you might be spreading bacteria to other areas of the house if you forget to clean and disinfect this.

While you’re at it, be sure to disinfect the cabinet, closet, drawer, fridge handles as well, so you can ensure the safety of your guests.

This is one of those tasks that should easily be done while preparing for guests, but just in case you’re forgetting about it (or your visitor gets ill), keep this little tidbit in mind!

Clean and Disinfect Seats  

Fortunately, coaches, chairs, and sofas aren’t that hard to disinfect, so you can get away with once-a-year cleaning.

Grab a bucket of water and dish soap, then scrub the fabric and upholstery using your arms or an old toothbrush (don’t forget to get in between cushions).

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Rinse it all off with clear water before letting it air dry.

However, disinfection is highly required for this furniture since they are often in contact with the floor, which is a great breeding ground for bacteria.

To disinfect these items from upholstered seats to benches and ottomans, mix one teaspoon of liquid chlorine bleach to two cups of water in a bucket.

Soak a clean rag or sponge into the solution before wiping down all surfaces including cushions

By doing this not only will you make your furniture clean, but you can also protect your family members from the germs

Disinfect Tables and Counter tops 

Your table and countertops may look clean and shiny on the outside, but they can be swarming with germs that can make your family members sick.

To disinfect these items, mix one teaspoon of liquid chlorine bleach to two cups of water in a bucket before soaking a clean rag or sponge into the solution and wiping down all surfaces including countertops

Many people do not often think how germs can thrive on our tables as well but if you are cooking with raw meat and accidentally get some on the counter, it can be a breeding ground for germs.

With this easy-to-do solution, you will not only wipe down your counters but also protect yourself and your family members from getting sick by washing off all of those nasty bacteria that are waiting to attack!

Clean The Bathroom 

It can be embarrassing to have guests over and your bathroom looks like a mess because of the toothpaste or makeup stains on the mirror, but it is even worse if they decide to use your bathroom and then get sick.

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Luckily with a little cleaner, you can not only clean off those ugly spots from the wall but also disinfect them so that guests do not end up getting ill or catching something while doing their business.

Also, be sure you disinfect the faucet’s handle as well since it is a popular place for germs to grow.

Disinfect Electronics 

Among the electronics that can easily accumulate germs are telephones, remote controls, microwaves, light switches, and toaster ovens.

If you are going to have guests over for a long stay it is best that these items be disinfected every day or week depending on how often they will be used during the visit.

These items are pretty easy to clean since all you need are some paper towels and a disinfectant.

First, wipe down the surfaces with clean wet wipes to remove any visible germs or dirt.

Then spray on your preferred cleaner using a generous amount of it so that it doesn’t take too long for them to dry.

After they are dried use another towel to wipe off anything you missed or excess moisture.


The best way to assure that guests are comfortable in your home is by making sure it’s safe for them.

Use these tips to make sure you don’t have any dangerous items around and keep your house clean so that everyone has a good time when they come over.

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