How Electrostatic Disinfection Can Help Schools Reopen Safely

How Electrostatic Disinfection Can Help Schools in Malaysia Reopen Safely

The flu season has been a particularly brutal one.

Schools and businesses in Malaysia alike have had to close down to keep everyone safe from the virus, but it’s not always easy to tell when a building is clean enough for occupancy.

This blog post will discuss how electrostatic disinfection from our disinfecting specialist from Malaysia can help schools reopen safely, as well as all the benefits that come with this process.

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

Disinfection has become a vital part of any home and work setting to ensure everyone’s safety.

Because of this, many devices have been developed to aid disinfectants in successfully eliminating any germs and bacteria that may be present.

One of the more recent developments in this field is electrostatic disinfection: a process that applies voltage to designated areas, covering them with either an oxidizing or reducing charge.

This will not only help kill any pathogens on contact but also work as a barrier against future contamination for up to three months after application.

Electrostatic disinfection can be a bit costly, but the results it provides are well worth the investment.

Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection

Now that you know what electrostatic disinfection is, you may probably be wondering what benefits it provides your school and those in it.

A school is one of the places where our children spend most of their time. They may be exposed to harmful bacteria and germs that might make them sick.

If you want to avoid this from happening, take note of the following below:

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Electrostatic Disinfection Effectively Kills Germs

Electrostatic disinfection has been found to be one of the most effective ways to kill germs and bacteria.

This is because it will not only work on contact but also as a barrier for up to three months after application, making your school safe enough for all students once again.

Students with allergies should also take note of this process since the ozone produced by the electrostatic process has been shown to be much gentler than other types of cleaners used in businesses or homes.

Electrostatic disinfection can help schools reopen safely without any worry that somebody might fall ill from being exposed to harmful bacteria during their time there.

A Safer Place for Children With Electrostatic Disinfection

Another benefit of electrostatic disinfection is that it provides a safe environment for children with allergies.

Unlike other types of cleaners, this process does not produce any heavy fumes or odors which could worsen an allergy sufferer’s symptoms and make them sicker than they already are.

It also is much gentler on the skin and eyes, making it perfect for those who may have sensitive areas when dealing with chemicals.

No matter what age your child is, you’ll want to keep their health in mind during the flu season if they suffer from allergies or are just more susceptible to illness because of certain conditions like asthma.

Helps To Gives Better Reputation For Your School

In addition to being a healthier environment, electrostatic disinfection also makes for a better reputation.

With this process in place, your school will be seen as one that is willing to go the extra mile when it comes to the cleanliness and safety of those who attend.

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Parents will also be more likely to enroll their children in your school as well, knowing that they will be able to attend a place where germs and bacteria are not present.

This gives you an edge against other schools or establishments which have not taken the time nor spent the money on investing in such equipment.

It’s no secret that people are more likely to do business with someone they know who cares about them enough to take care of their health and well-being, so invest in something like electrostatic disinfection today if you want your students safe from any germs while attending class!


In this post, we explored how electrostatic disinfection is an effective way to kill viruses and bacteria.

As schools reopen for the year, it’s important that students have a place where they can feel safe from germs and flu-inducing pathogens.

If you don’t already use this technology in your facility or facilities, now might be the time to consider adding it as part of your regular maintenance routine, so parents know their kids are coming home healthy after school!

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