Best Ways to Disinfect Your Hotel Room During the Pandemic

Best Ways to Disinfect Your Hotel Room in Kuala Lumpur During the Pandemic

You are in the middle of a pandemic that has everyone on edge. Only one thing is certain, you have to get out of town and fast!

You checked into your hotel room in Kuala Lumpur with some trepidation but it seemed clean enough at first glance.

But since you can’t take any chances, overthinking gets the best of you and you sit there and wonder “What should I do?”

Follow these simple steps suggested by our disinfection specialist from Kuala Lumpur for how to disinfect your hotel room during COVID-19 and ensure that when you come back from vacation, nothing will happen to you when you’re back home!

Always Bring a Disinfecting Wet Wipe With You

If you want the most effective and smart tip from the experts, then one would certainly be bringing a disinfecting wet wipe with you.

By having disinfecting wipes, you’ll be able to clean your hands after using the toilet or touching an object that could possibly have COVID-19 on it.

Plus, a wet wipe is also useful for wiping down any surfaces you may come in contact with – such as the TV remote, table surface, and side tables.

If anything has been touched by someone who might have had the virus, you’ll be able to protect yourself with as little as just a wet wipe.

It’s good to go for wet wipes with disinfecting ingredients such as ethanol, chlorine, and isopropanol.

These are the most efficient in killing COVID-19 bacteria that might be living on your hands or surfaces if you were to come into contact with them.

Wherever you may go, may it be just staying in your hotel room or perhaps strolling around the vicinity, always bring disinfecting wipes with you!

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Use a Disinfecting Spray on The Sheets

Your hotel room’s bedsheet may seem and look clean but we aren’t so sure of how they were disinfected.

Although many hotels in Kuala Lumpur require their sheets to be dry-cleaned, this may not always work and it’s quite possible that the sheets might have been cleaned with an inadequate amount of disinfectant.

It is recommended you use a spray on your bedsheets because even if they’re clean when you arrive there’s still a chance COVID-19 could be hiding in the fabric.

To do so, use a disinfectant or perhaps just alcohol to spray your entire bed. Be sure you’re able to cover the sheets, pillows, and mattresses.

You may also want to spray the bed’s headboard- be sure not to miss any spots! Spray down your walls as well in case you’ve touched them with dirty hands or have had contact with a sick person.

Wipe Down all Surfaces With Alcohol 

The first thing you must do when you arrive in your hotel room during this pandemic is making sure to wipe down all the surfaces with alcohol.

As soon as you enter your room, spray down everything in sight and then use a disinfectant to wipe off anything else that is visibly dirty. This includes doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles- basically anything you can touch!

Again when it comes down to cleaning during COVID-19, you need to use alcohol that contains isopropyl since they are most effective in killing the virus.

Disinfect Door Knobs and Light Switches

Your hotel room may look sparkling clean but you should never take any chances since the virus can live on surfaces for up to four hours.

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One of the most important items you should disinfect is doorknobs and light switches because they are constantly touched by people coming in and out of your room.

All it takes is spraying some alcohol on them from a bottle then wiping off any residue with tissue paper.

Also, be sure to disinfect lamp switches as well.

Bring Your Own Items to Avoid Germs

In order to effectively protect yourself from the risk of acquiring the virus, it’s best to bring your own items to the hotel room.

For example, if there is a hairdryer in the bathroom don’t use it since you can never know how many people have used it before or where they had their hands when using it.

It’s better to bring the things you’ll be using compared to relying on the hotel.


The importance of disinfecting your hotel room during the pandemic is a topic that many people may not have thought about.

We hope this post has shed some light on how you can protect yourself and others by staying clean while traveling or in transit to another location.

Whether it’s through using essential oils, bleach, gloves, or masks – we want our readers to feel empowered with the knowledge they need should they find themselves caught up in an epidemic situation.

Share this blog if you think more people should know these tips!

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