How to Make an Entryway Sanitizing Station for a Cleaner Home

How to Make an Entryway Sanitizing Station for a Cleaner Home

There are a lot of places in the home that need to be cleaned on a regular basis, but there is one place that you may not have considered: your entryway. According to our disinfection specialist, when people enter your home, they bring all sorts of germs and bacteria with them from outside. So one way to make sure these germs don’t stay in your house is by cleaning up as soon as someone enters.

This blog post will show you how to build an entryway sanitizing station out of inexpensive household items so you can keep your house cleaner every time someone walks in!

Why Should You Make an Entryway Sanitizing Station?

entryway sanitizing station

For some homeowners, it might feel like an entryway sanitizing station isn’t that big of a deal. But it’s important to know that friends, relatives, and even family members that have been outside may have been exposed to all sorts of germs and bacteria. The moment someone steps foot into your home, they bring in those germs with them, so it’s good to be always prepared.

In addition, an entryway is also where shoes are taken off. By establishing a sanitizing station, not only means you’re eliminating the chances of germs but also dirt and dust that may be under your visitor’s shoes (not to mention all the potential allergens like pet hair or pollen found on footwear)

Your entryway sanitizing station serves as a barrier or a shield that keeps germs from entering your home. It doesn’t just protect you from unwanted sickness but also prevents you from paying costly medical bills in the future.

How to Make An Effective Entryway Sanitizing Station

Now that you’re aware of why you should invest the time to make an entryway sanitizing station, it’s time to get started!

Step 1: Choose an Entry Point

The first step in making an effective station is by deciding which entry point will be the designated place to do so. It’s important that this area has good visibility and is located near a door or hallway entrance.

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If you have multiple points of entry, it might make sense to set up two separate sanitizing stations; one for each doorway in your home. This way, people can choose whichever station they feel like using!

Once you’ve established an entry point, bring out some tables where you can place the items needed for the station.

Step 2: Pick Out a Sanitizer For Your Station

hand sanitizer

The next step is to pick out an appropriate sanitizer for your station. Sanitizers are key to keeping germs from entering your home.

It’s important that the sanitizer you choose is easy for people to use and won’t cause them any discomfort when they are using it. We recommend a hand sanitizing gel as this will be more accessible than a traditional soap/water mixture or dish soap because using these options instead would cause unwanted spillage.

Also, your sanitizer must be placed inside a pump bottle so guests can use it without touching any of the liquid. That way, they won’t end up contaminating your santizing solution as well.

Step 3: Establish a Cleaning System For Masks

If your guests often wear face masks, then it’s good to establish a cleaning system for your mask-wearing visitors.

You can easily attach hooks or a clothesline to your wall. This will make it easier for guests to hang their masks without placing them anywhere else where they might get dirty or contaminated.

However, if you want to step up your station, you can also install a UV light ray disinfection lamp tool that will make sure masks are properly sanitized.

Your guests just have to run their mask under the UV light ray for a few minutes, and it will be sanitized.

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Step 4: Add Some Basic Items

basic item

It won’t take long before your station starts looking more complete. The next step is adding some basic items that people might need certain things to properly sanitize themselves or wipe any dirt off.

For example, consider placing a roll of paper towels and some disinfectant wipes near the surface so people who have been out in public all day can wipe down any germs from surfaces they may have come into contact with, like their phones or bags.

Step 5: Implement an Area to Drop off Shoes

If you do not have an entryway with a designated place to put shoes, it’s important that you find one. The easiest way might be by installing shoe shelves or racks in your home that is only accessible from the outside of your house, so they don’t get dirty up the inside of the house.

It would also make sense to invest in some shoe mats for when people enter their homes-especially if there is soil and mud in the ground. The shoe may be able to catch this unwanted dirt and stop shoe marks from forming inside.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the importance of understanding how to make an entryway sanitizing station for a cleaner home is important. There are many benefits and reasons why this should be done on a regular basis. It is easy to do and can help you maintain better hygiene in your household. If you would like more information about disinfecting techniques or other topics that we have covered, please reach out to us!

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