The Importance of Hand Sanitizer During the Pandemic

The Importance of Hand Sanitizer During the Pandemic

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has people all over the world on edge, and many have turned to anti-viral disinfection services in Malaysia just to lower the risk of contracting the virus.

Unfortunately, although the government and medical professionals have been doing everything they can to help keep the disease from spreading, that isn’t always enough.

One of the main things that people are being told to do is wash their hands regularly with hand sanitizer.

This article will discuss why having hand sanitizer on hand during a pandemic is so important, along with all sorts of useful information!

Why are Sanitizers Important?

sanitizers importance

Many people aren’t aware of how important sanitizers are, but this is a mistake one should never make. Sanitizers are created to help kill germs and bacteria that can be found on hands. This is helpful because it will cut back on the spread of COVID-19 when people come in contact with each other.

However, take note that sanitizers with at least 70% alcohol are recommended since that will effectively kill the virus.

Without hand sanitizers, you’re not only risking yourself from the virus and other bacterias but also others who may be at risk for the virus.

People with compromised immune systems and those who already have medical conditions are especially at risk, and if you fail to sanitize your hands, you might end up passing the virus to them.

To know more about why it’s important to use sanitizers, check the information below:

  • Sanitizers will ensure the spread of contagions are reduced
  • Sanitary wipes or alcohol gel is great for cleaning hard surfaces since they’re safe and gentle while still being effective against germs.
  • You can use sanitizers to disinfect phones, keyboards, countertops, and any other surface.
  • Using sanitizers also helps keep you feeling fresh, which can make the day more pleasant for those who are sick or otherwise stressed out by what’s going on with COVID-19!
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How Often Should I Sanitize?

how often to sanitize

It can be confusing to know how often you should be sanitizing. One suggestion is to clean your hands five times a day and use the sanitizer every time! Of course, this number can depend on where you are or what you’re doing, so just make sure that you constantly have a spray bottle with you.

However, here are some points that sanitizing must be done right away:

  • Be sure to sanitize after using the restroom
  • Sanitize after paying or receiving payments because money may contain harmful germs and bacteria
  • Sanitize after handling food
  • Be sure to sanitize before and after caring for someone with the virus
  • If you have a wound or injury, sanitize the affected area as well.

Take note, when you go out in public (airports, malls, movie theaters), you need to constantly sanitize as well because there may be more germs than usual.

When Should I Sanitize?

when to sanitize

Sanitizers can be used when no soap and water are available for washing. Generally, the best way to remove germs effectively from your hands is by using soap and water. However, if you don’t have access to the two, then sanitizers are a great fallback.

Sanitizing is especially important before touching your face or eyes because they can be susceptible to COVID-19 germs. In addition, if someone has touched their mouth with one of their hands (or vice versa), it’s best for them to use sanitizer as well in order for the virus or any bacteria not to spread that way.

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COVID-19 has been known to spread through the air, which is why it’s important to sanitize after coughing or sneezing. It may not seem like much, but these things can spread the virus and germs very quickly, so doing your best to avoid contact with others will help keep this disease from spreading any more than necessary!

Are Sanitizers the Same With Disinfectants?

Technically, sanitizers and disinfectants aren’t the same things. Instead, disinfectants are used to kill or inactivate harmful germs and bacteria that can be found on surfaces.

While sanitation will help reduce the spread of disease, disinfectant is a better option if you need something more potent for surface cleaning! Sanitizers are often used for cleaning the hands, skin, and other parts of your body since they are less irritating than disinfectant solutions.

The New Understanding

With a pandemic, the importance of hand sanitizer becomes even more apparent. The spread of germs is inevitable, and there will be several ways for them to make contact with your hands at any given time.

It’s important that you keep a bottle close by at all times in order to avoid spreading these deadly diseases yourself or being exposed to them multiple times each day as it can lead to further infections down the line.

If this sounds like something you want protection from, we offer an easy solution! Give us a call today for disinfection services that can help safeguard you and your loved ones.

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