7 Things You Should Sanitize Immediately to Avoid Getting Sick

7 Things You Should Sanitize Immediately to Avoid Getting Sick

Being sick sucks. And it’s not just because of the physical symptoms that make you feel awful – being sick also has a huge cost on your wallet!

Many people end up missing work or school, and this means they lose out on their wages.

If you’re someone who wants to avoid getting sick as much as possible, then you should read this blog post about 7 things you absolutely need to sanitize to avoid getting sick!

These are all easy things that can be done at home and have even been recommended by our disinfection specialist from Selangor, so if you want to stay healthy and save some money, these tips will help greatly.

Disinfect Your Mobile Phone 

Among the things that you must never forget to disinfect is your mobile phone.

Not many people are aware of this, but your phone’s surface can actually contain a lot of bacteria and it is better to be safe than sorry.

The best way to do this is by using a wet disinfecting wipe, but if you don’t have one then simply use your own hands with soap and water.

If you’re in a public restroom stall without any running water, then just grab some toilet paper and alcohol and gently wipe down your phone.

 Phones are used every day and there are instances where other people borrow them. If you forget to disinfect your device, germs can begin accumulating.

If your phone is disinfected monthly, then you’ll be able to avoid that cold that’s been going around the office or any unpleasant sickness that can be caused by germs and bacteria!

Wipe-Down Your Light Switches With Disinfectant

If you can’t afford to get sick then you must always keep in mind to disinfect all your home’s light switches.

Light switches can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so wiping them down with disinfectant is an absolute must!

When disinfecting your light switches don’t leave any residue behind and ensure you use an effective disinfectant.

When you have children in the house, this step is even more important!

You want to make sure their immune systems are strong and that they’re not exposed to anything harmful while trying to grow up healthy.

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Disinfect your light switches every week to make sure you’re staying as healthy and germ-free as possible.

Clean Your Dirty Keyboard and Mouse

Do you have a son who’s always playing on his computer and would even invite friends to come over? If so, the more vital it is to always clean and disinfect your keyboard and mouse.

Your keyboard and mouse are one of the dirtiest things in your home. Anyone who touches it can introduce all kinds of bacteria to the keyboard and mouse.

The best way to clean a dirty keyboard and/or mouse is with alcohol (isopropyl) wipes or gel, rubbing alcohol, soap, and water – but make sure you dry them completely before turning on the computer again.

By doing so, you’re helping guarantee the safeness and protection of your home and those inside the vicinity.

Sanitize Your Remote Control 

Your remote control must regularly be disinfected because it can hold as many germs and bacteria as your toilet seat.

An unsanitary remote control is a gateway for all kinds of sicknesses, so make sure to wipe it down with an alcohol-based cleaner often and keep the remote out of reach from little kids who might not be aware that they have dirty hands.

If you fail to do so, not only will you be getting sick, but you’ll be passing it on to your friends and family as well.

The CDC recommends that remote controls are sanitized with rubbing alcohol or a household cleaner every couple of weeks.

You can also use the same technique for other electronics, especially if they’re shared by multiple people in the home.

Door Knobs Must Be Disinfected

Door knobs as well as cabinets, fridge, cupboard, closet, and drawer handles must always be disinfected so you can avoid getting sick.

This can be done in a few different ways: you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, spray cleaner, or regular household cleaning products and follow the directions on the label to ensure your home is safe for everyone!

Door knobs and other surfaces are some of the most important things to clean in the home because they are touched so many times in a day.

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If you don’t clean these surfaces regularly, they can be the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and other germs that could make your family sick!

I know it sounds like common sense but there are still some people who forget to do this important step when cleaning their homes.

Desks Needs to Be Sanitized 

If you’ve got a desk in your house, it’s best to sanitize it frequently, too. Desk surfaces can be covered with bacteria and germs from all the papers people touch every day like pens, keyboards, or receipts.

The best way to clean a desk is by wiping it down with disinfectant spray that’s been diluted according to your manufacturer’s directions.

Make sure you get underneath the desk as well since bacteria and germs could be staying there.

Wash Your Stuffed Toys and Blankets With a Disinfectant

Blankets and stuffed toys must always be washed with a disinfectant after they’re used.

A lot of people don’t realize that these things are not made to handle germs because the fabric is delicate and it’s easy for bacteria or mold to grow in them if they stay dirty.

The best thing you can do when washing blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows is to use a detergent with disinfecting properties so you can be sure they’re getting clean.


The number one thing you can do to avoid getting sick is washing your hands.

However, if that’s not possible for whatever reason, make sure to disinfect anything you touch with a surface cleaner or sanitizing wipes.

Your home and office should always be clean so germs don’t spread easily from person to person.

As long as there are no traces of dirt or bacteria in the air around us, we won’t get sick but it’s also important to remember that our things carry many different types of pathogens too which is why you need to be sure to keep all these tips in mind!

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