Why Fogging Is Important For Disinfecting Surfaces in Offices

Why Fogging is Important For Disinfecting Surfaces in Offices?

Fogging is an important aspect of the cleaning process in offices, and it can be done with a variety of chemicals.

It is used by disinfection service provider in Malaysia to disinfect surfaces, which helps prevent the spread of bacteria from one surface to another.

Fogging also helps keep people healthy by reducing their chances of infection.

In this blog post, we will discuss why fogging is important and how you can use it in your office!

What Is Fogging Disinfection?

Before we begin, let’s first talk about what fogging disinfection is so you can have a better understanding of how it works.

Fogging is a process that involves the use of chemicals to create aerosols, which are then sprayed on surfaces in order to disinfect them.

Disinfection through fogging is generally used by large industrial facilities but is also available for home use.

The reason it’s called fogging is because the process involves the creation of small droplets that are dispersed into a cloud–a “fog” of chemicals.

It can be done with either heat or cold foggers, but both methods have their own pros and cons when it comes to effectiveness against bacteria and viruses.

Heat foggers are used by many people because it is more effective, but it also requires a lot of energy to operate.

Cold foggers are generally safer and less expensive than heat fogging systems as they do not require any form of power.

However, a cold aerosol isn’t able to penetrate through surfaces as well, which means bacteria can easily hide on the inside layer of the surface you’re fogging.

The effectiveness of cold fogger systems depends heavily on the concentration and strength of your chemical, which also means you have to use more chemicals in order for them to be effective.

Why Is Fogging Disinfection Important?

There are many reasons why people opt for fogging disinfection over standard ones and among those are because of the effectiveness of killing germs with just one treatment.

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If you want to use fogging disinfection for your office, then you’re on the right track because this type of disinfecting method is really important when it comes to working settings. Here are the reasons below:

Fogging Disinfection Cleans a Wide Area

One of the reasons why fogging disinfection is important is because it cleans a wide area.

There are many surfaces that the fogging will cover in your office and those include carpets, floors, desks, shelves, or tables as well as other items like trash cans.

The moisture from the chemical treatment can kill germs effectively because it’s dispersed evenly throughout the entire space to ensure complete coverage.

Meanwhile, if you go for just standard disinfection, the liquid will only be on the surface that you’re disinfecting and you won’t be able to cover a large area because of the lack of mobility.

This means that you’ll need to do it many more times, which is not ideal for an office setting when there’s a rush to get the work done and time isn’t on your side.

Bacteria and Germs Get Killed By Fogging Disinfection

Based on research and experiments conducted by many experts, fogging disinfection was found to be 30 times more effective in killing bacteria and germs on surfaces than traditional methods.

What this means is that you’ll be able to ensure a healthier environment for everyone by using fogging disinfection instead of just the standard method which could leave your company open to all sorts of health risks when it comes to things like the spreading of colds of flu.

Bacteria and germs are effectively eliminated, all thanks to the high-velocity fog that coats the entire surface and is left to sit for a few minutes.

This technique can be used in many areas of your office such as hallways, break rooms, bathrooms, desks, or any other place where people might encounter bacteria and germs from time to time.

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Fogging Disinfection Keeps Your Area Safe

The main reason why fogging disinfection is really important because it can keep your office and the people in it safe.

Bacteria can be found all over many surfaces, including keyboards, mice, or phones for instance which need to be disinfected frequently if you want to avoid getting sick especially when there are a lot of other employees who might have been exposed as well.

A safe office is great for your company because it means that people are happier working there and they don’t have to worry about getting sick all the time.

It’s also a good thing because it will make customers feel more comfortable when visiting your office, so fogging is really important for keeping everyone in an area safe from bacteria, germs, and illness.


Fogging disinfection is a great way to clean up and kill off germs in your home or office.

It’s fast, efficient, safe for customers and employees, and doesn’t require any chemicals at all!

If you’re still not convinced about fogging as an option for keeping your space clean without using harsh chemical cleaners, then give us a call.

We would love the opportunity to chat with you about how this service could be beneficial for both you and your employees.

When it comes down to it, we know that everyone wants their company growing–and there are so many ways they can do that!

Why not go for one of the safest methods?

Give our team a call today if anything on this blog post has caught your attention!

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