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Do you need a great disinfection service provider in Puchong who is fit to handle your housing, industrial, or workplace needs? If you do, then Give us a call right now and experience quality service, excellent customer care, and effective disinfection, all at an affordable cost!

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We’ve established ourselves as one of Puchong’s leading disinfection service companies. Our team of experts has created excellent systems and procedures to provide customized disinfecting solutions for every industry, business, and residential property. Pro Disinfection Services has grown every year since its inception as a result of this commitment.


We have a team of disinfection specialist in Puchong on hand to help you with your disinfecting needs. We assure a high level of care and service to maintain our reputation with our customers and employees, and we are proud of the company we’ve built.

Types Of Disinfection Services in Puchong For Commercial & Residential Properties

One of the factors that differentiate us from our competitors is the variety of options we offer our customers. Are you interested in learning more about our services? Take a look at the information provided below!

Professional Disinfection Fogging

Professional Disinfection Fogging

Disinfecting some areas can be challenging. However, by using the fogging method, which spews out a powerful disinfectant into the air and destroys any germs found on any surface, you can effectively create a safer and cleaner environment without worrying about germs that are left behind!

Disinfecting through Electrostatic Machine

Disinfecting through Electrostatic Machine

This method employs an advanced sprayer to ensure the most thorough disinfection possible. Our electrostatic machine produces electricity to charge the disinfectant, which effectively removes germs on any surface. As a side effect, in just a few minutes, you’ll have a safer environment than ever before. 

Disinfecting through Steam Machine

Disinfecting through Steam Machine

For microorganisms-filled office and commercial buildings, using a steam machine to disinfect the entire area is a feasible alternative. It kills germs in the air and on the surfaces of your furniture by heating up disinfectants and distributing them as high-pressured steam.

Why Choose Our Disinfection & Sanitization in Puchong

Many people have sought our help because of the quality service and performance we never fail to deliver. Here are some of the reasons why we’re regarded as the best disinfection company in Puchong 

Disinfect 99.99%

Unlike other companies, we utilize disinfectants that have been proven effective in killing bacteria and germs. Top-of-the-line ingredients and cutting-edge technology were used in creating all our solutions. 

MOH Guideline

MOH Guideline

We make it a point to follow MOH procedures and practices when performing operational disinfection activities in Puchong. Consequently, you can always count on our company to deliver solutions that adhere to industry standards.


Non-toxic and 100% safe

We focus on providing our clients with a hygienic and non-toxic disinfectant which is fantastic for both people and pets, so you shouldn’t have to be worried about toxic substances all the time!

Modern Disinfectant

Modern Disinfectant

Technological advances have been used to create all of our solutions, antiseptics, and equipment. As a result, you can achieve a high level of performance and efficiency with our products and services. 

Top Rated Service

Top Rated Service

We stand apart from our competitors in Puchong because of the high service quality and client treatment we provide to our customers. Pro Disinfection can surely give you a secure environment 

Trained Professional

Trained Professionals

Our cleaners have all received the necessary training to ensure a thorough disinfection process. You can count on us for all of your industrial, commercial and residential disinfection needs!

How To Book a Disinfection Services in Puchong For Domestic & Commercial Properties

You’ll be in a lot of surprises when you experience how hassle-free, quick and easy our booking process is! Check how we operate below and see for yourself. 

Contact Us

When you need an excellent disinfection service provider, give us a call or reach us through our email, and a representative will be with you shortly. 

Accurate Quote

Accurate Quote

Once you’ve decided on a disinfection service, our staff members will provide you with a detailed quote with no hidden cost or additional charges guaranteed! 

Schedule Appointment

Schedule Appointment

Whether it’s on a weekday or a weekend, we can assist you with your needs. Our team is always ready, so you can book a time and date that best fits you. 

Disinfection Service

Disinfection & Sanitize

After everything has been settled, our team of experts will arrive at your Puchong location and conduct the best disinfection services you could ever imagine! 

Price For Disinfection Service [June 2021]

The cost of a disinfection service will vary depending on the service you have requested, the detergent used, and the area covered. But don’t be put off by this! We guarantee that our customers will pay fair prices for our offerings and tailor our methods to meet your specific needs. For a more precise response, give us a call today and get the effective disinfection service you deserve!

How We Clean And Disinfect For COVID-19

The coronavirus’s rapid spread is alarming. With this in mind, it has become our responsibility to ensure that you and your home or office receive the best treatment possible to keep you and everyone else safe. Luckily, we can disinfect your Puchong area thoroughly, eliminating all dangerous germs on all surfaces. With our cutting-edge equipment and highly effective disinfectants, you can safely bet that you’ll get the highest level of performance. Here’s an insight of our process: 


1. Site survey

2. Choosing the best approach

3. Conducting the task

4. Giving of advice and aftercare tips

Disinfecting Services

What Our Customer Say About Our Antiviral Disinfection Services

Individuals and businesses who trusted and believed in us are accountable for our achievements. Many of our clients have graciously told their experiences, and we are happy to share a few with you:

We have used the disinfection service by this company. Their team is very professional and friendly. They get the job done on time. I highly recommend this disinfection service provider.
Say Fong
When it comes to disinfection services, this is the only company I could ever trust. They did fantastic job in disinfecting the office.
Overall I'm very satisfied with their service. Highly recommended!
Joyce Chia
Joyce Liew
We contacted this company to disinfect our house. We have a great experience in dealing with the team.
The job is completed that is beyond our expectation. We'll use contact this company again in the future
House Disinfection

House Sanitizing Services in Puchong

You may believe that your residence is already secure because you completed all of your cleaning tasks and properly organized your belongings, but this is not always the case. Microorganisms that aren’t visible to the naked eye could still be wandering on the surfaces of your belongings, putting your family at risk of becoming ill.

With all that in view, you’ll need a dependable disinfection service provider to remove any microbes from your household altogether. Fortunately, we can provide you with the highest-quality disinfection services available in Puchong.

Office and Shop Disinfection Services in Puchong

A clean and thoroughly disinfected Puchong place of work is essential for various reasons, including employee health, avoiding staff diseases, preventing safety issues, maintaining the company’s reputation, and even enhancing your public reputation.


If you’d like to guarantee your employees are always efficient and your work environment is in good condition, follow a disinfection schedule regularly or, better yet, hire a professional who would ensure success.

Disinfecting Office

Industries We Serve in Puchong

We can assist you in determining the best disinfection treatment for your particular situation in Puchong. Below is a list of some of the industry sectors we work with.

Property Management

Property management








Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Childcare Centres

Childcare Centres

Residential Homes

Book You Local Disinfection Specialists in Puchong for your Homes or Business

What do you think of exceptional customer service, high-end antiseptics, specialist technology, and well-thought-out methods all at a reasonable price? If you’d like to book our disinfection service in Puchong, give us a call today, and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote at no additional charge!

Frequently Asked Questions Abput Disinfection Service in Puchong

Whether you have questions or concerns, we are always available to assist you. Here are some of the most common questions we get from new clients; take a look at them to see if they can help you out:


Everyone on the planet has been scared by the Coronavirus. As a result, we’ve put together a team of specialists who can handle any COVID-19 disinfection situation. Our groups are outfitted with the most effective disinfectants and equipment, ensuring that we achieve the best possible results. You do not need to be concerned about the virus since we are always available to service and cover any location, including homes, office buildings, public places, and manufacturing establishments. 

It can be hard to determine how often you should call in a highly qualified disinfection company. Still, the response is dependent on a variety of factors, including the number of people who enter and exit the location and the area’s coverage. The general principle is to thoroughly disinfect places like homes at least once per month, while office buildings and industrial areas must be treated at least twice a month.

You don’t have to be concerned about your security because all of our detergents and disinfectants have passed the necessary tests and processes to ensure that they are safe for everyone. We strictly adhere to MOH guidelines and only use FDA-approved solutions.

Our highly competent team of professionals has put in place detailed security procedures: Personal protective equipment (PPE), vinyl gloves, face mask, among other things, are required as part of our precautions. To avoid the spread of germs, this is required. As a result, we can disinfect a wide range of commercial and residential properties. 

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